Thinkery I have Thunkeried

I was re-reading Anne of Green Gables earlier and had to smile at her “White Way Of Delight” description of blossom trees lining a road as they drove along in a pony and trap. I spent a few happy minutes thinking how nice to describe places like that. Then I went out to the kitchen to get a Coke Zero – and slid straight through “The Golden Lake Of Dog Piss” on the floor. Thanks Milo. NOT.

For all of you grammar enthusiasts, the past tense of Decree Absolute is “I do”

Never let it be said you don’t learn shizz from me.

I won’t judge you for your politics, religion or football team but I will totally judge you by how you put your shopping cart in the car park corral. Someone has to be out there in all weathers collecting them. Don’t be a dick, put it away nicely.

People never believe me when I say expect the unexpected. They always underestimate me. It’s like when you put a sign on the door saying ‘beware of the cat’ and people laugh and think – how bad can a little cat be? Yeah dumbass. THAT bad

I feel like I should give out T shirts saying I Never Learn

Four things you should NEVER discuss:




How to cook ribs

Hmm… it seems some of you think I’m being too hard on the subject of Marriage.

Yes okay, I’ll accept marriage CAN be fun some of the time..

Trouble is, you’re married ALL of the time *sigh*…

45 thoughts on “Thinkery I have Thunkeried

  1. lol – marriage is where two people to agree to annoy each other exclusively to save the rest of us. In England there is the trolleys you have to put money in to be able to use them. Problem solved.

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  2. Hehe my mom always gets a kick out of the “the two things you should never discuss are politics and religion” Because my first degree was a double major in political science and religions&cultures LOL had to talk about both at every family gathering for five years hehe

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  3. What a great post! No matter if it’s snowing or raining, I always put my cart back and neatly I might add! Drives me crazy when I cant pull in to a parking space when some lazy ass has left their cart there!! I’ve never been to Aldi’s and we have one here in Webster! Do you get good stuff there?😊🎃💕 We had snow last night but luckily it didn’t stick……YET!!😂

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    1. Aldi’s can be surprisingly good. I buy Kerrygold and English cheeses there so it’s great for me! All of their veg is organic and it’s cheaper than everywhere else. There’s stuff I wouldn’t buy there but I buy a lot of stuff like sugar and flour there

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  4. Here is my marriage gripe this morning… Ryan makes our coffee, he likes dark roast and strong…I can roll with that, np. But he puts so much ground coffee in it overflows coffee grinds in our pot, likeEveryday. For 5 years I’ve asked him to just make a minor adjustment… he thinks I’m being bitchy and too particular. ??
    Here I am after 5 years of putting up with it, he’s too stubborn to change anything and I make my separate batch of coffee for myself. So we are making two pots of coffee each morning. 😳🙄🤨🤪
    Any thoughts on that? Anyone want a cup of coffee? 🤣we have plenty…

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    1. I am NOT a good influence and you’re asking me?! I’d be putting pop rocks or laxatives in his coffee lol
      Then again, drinking a whole pot of coffee works for me. We have a Keurig and I HATE it because it feels like it’s judging how much coffee I guzzle!

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      1. Maybe I need to get myself another Keurig. Then I can make what I want. That would be easier for.
        My problem with how things are now… while I’m making my own pot of coffee… it is irritating me all over again each morning Lol pop rocks and laxatives?! 🤣 too funny

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  5. I would wear one of your “I never learn” shirts. My boyfriend has joked for five years that he’s going to make me a shirt that says, “I’m the reason we can’t have nice things” due to the frequency of me dropping things… I think I’m at the point where I would wear either of those shirts proudly. Hahaha!

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  6. When I was younger I used to collect some of the stray carts and take them back to the shop. My Mum would tell me off for wasting time and also she pointed out that I was depriving someone of a job. I always take my own trolley back though. Most of our trolleys have pound coin deposits on them to deter people from leaving them around or stealing them now.

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    1. That’s a great idea but here they don’t do that. The only place that does is Aldi and it’s only a quarter there (largest coin) so it’s not much of a deterrent. I just think it shows very little regard for people who get stuck with those rotten jobs. It’s often people with special needs like my beloved Peter and I would take someone out of I saw them being rotten to him! All 5’1” of me! 😂

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  7. The traditional vows do state “For better or for worse”. Almost like they knew something 😉

    And I was all set to go full on Coke Zero Yay mode when you slipped in that dog piss. Yeah, talk about a mood killer!

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  8. Can totally relate to shopping cart maniacs! “I know let’s just leave the cart here shall we Mavis, the next sap along can park it for us!” Except some of these morons never think about people in cars waiting to reverse out but because they are taking more space than needed and then leave their bloody cart behind your car …. and people think road rage is a problem??

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      1. That’s what Suze said, she is getting ready to score the five bar system on the steering wheel and keeps chanting the theme tune to GTA!!!

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  9. I so agree about people leaving their carts everywhere in the parking lot, it’s seriously so rude! & those people who don’t believe a cat can be that bad should watch that “Cats From Hell” show!

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  10. Putting a cart away is a competition for me, I see if I can link it up to the cart in the bay by a good solid push, I almost always get it right but sometimes I have to walk over and fix it!!

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