The Frog Prince?

….you know it’s going to be one of those days when your daughter texts you a picture of a fella and you text back:

How much did you drink?

1. He’s too old for you

2. He’s repulsive.

3. Check the sex offender registry because that right there is a pervert.

….and she replies “That’s Farquhar Bastardcelot” (my ex)

Feerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrk!!! Lucky escape there. Thoughts running through my head:

Mother Nature sure ran her wrinkle-rotivator right over him!

Father Time got his shot gun out and sat waiting on that porch and shot him right between the eyes with old n’ ugly juice!

How did I marry that? Did someone spike my drink?

I need to bleach my eyes


30 thoughts on “The Frog Prince?

  1. I was a wee lass of 18 when I started seeing my ex, so I can claim the stupidity of youth. We were together over 20 years though, so my excuse sorta sucks unless I want to be known as a complete ignoramus, which I clearly am not😉
    Ah… Karma…It’s lovely to sit back and watch🙌👏💌

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      1. I can imagine, in fact l don’t need too, l know exactly what you mean 🙂

        I do hope however,. not wishing to sound like a broken record, that you are still taking it easy as your over randomised mind will allow you too 🙂

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